Investment Process - Client Goals

  • We develop diversified investment portfolios based on our clients’ goals.
  • Understanding our clients’ perspective is critical to our process.
  • We tailor each portfolio’s investment mix to fit the
    client’s unique objectives.
  • Each portfolio allocation is based on client
    specific parameters such as:
  • Time horizon
  • Risk tolerance
  • Taxes
  • Income
  • Life goals

Investment Process - Collaboration

We take a team approach to bring our best investment ideas, collective knowledge, and service to all of our clients.

  • Our investment committee provides oversight,
    discipline, and direction to all advisors.
  • Advisors tailor their clients’ accounts to
    the particular needs of each client.
  • Advisors work together
    across the firm to ensure
    the optimal investment
    and service mix for
    each client.

Investment Process - Creation

We create client portfolios using a range of asset classes
and investments that may include:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Individual Securities
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • CDs
  • Alternatives
    • Hedge Funds of Funds
    • Private Partnerships
    • Options

Investment Process - Continuity

We monitor investments, allocations, and targets - adjusting them over time as needed.

  • We continually evaluate portfolios, positions,
    and allocations.
  • We keep transaction costs and taxes in
    mind when assessing portfolio changes.
  • We proactively modify discretionary
    accounts as we see possible

Financial Planning Process - Comprehensive

We provide comprehensive, unbiased advice to clients on a broad spectrum of financial issues. We help clients see both the bigger picture and the details of their financial lives in context. Typical planning areas include:

  • Retirement
  • Tax issues
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Estate and trust
  • Charitable giving
  • Family partnerships
    and business

Financial Planning Process - Concrete

We help clients move from concept to concrete action with their financial plans.We work to identify items that require attention, suggest solutions, and monitor results.

Financial Planning Process - Coordinated

We work with legal, tax, and other advisors to make sure clients’ plans are coordinated. We become part of the decision-making process with families, business owners, and institutions. We often help mediate and
orchestrate the interplay of all parties involved in
financial matters.

Financial Planning Process - Connected

We provide long-term continuity for spouses, beneficiaries, and future generations of families. We also make the management of trusts, custodial accounts, business retirement plans, and non-profit boards
seamless when fiduciaries change over time. We
become a repository of history and knowledge
specific to the client that can easily be
transitioned to successors.

We approach investment management in the context of each client’s entire financial picture. As we analyze and organize financial matters, we gain a better understanding of how clients’ assets should be invested.

Our investments are built on knowing our clients’ goals, collaborative research, creating personalized portfolios, and continuing oversight. We bring all of those elements together to fit investment portfolios to each client.

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In our financial planning process we take a comprehensive view of each client’s financial life, outline concrete actions, coordinate plans with CPAs and attorneys, and keep it all connected over the course of time.

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